9-28-2017 - New MD 369, 500 & 600 Concorde Battery Upgrade Resulting in 85% More Power


  West Covina, CA -FAA STC SR00864DE has been approved to install Concorde Battery Corporation`s NEW Platinum Series® RG-624 (24 Ah) battery in MD Helicopters 369D, 369E, 369F, 369FF, 500N and 600N helicopters. The 85% improvement addresses increased power requirements for engine starts. Installing Concorde`s RG-624 will result in stronger starts, prolonged service life and reduced wear on the engine.

During testing, superior starting performance amazed pilots and technicians familiar with the Hughes family of helicopters. 

The RG-624 is a drop-in, when replacing Concorde`s RG-500, RG-600-1 or RG-600-2 installed under SR00716SE or SR01564LA. The new STC is free of charge for these operators.

For those operators that are upgrading to Concorde`s maintenance free sealed lead acid technology by replacing the original equipment nickel cadmium battery, a connector change is required. STC kit, including the connector and aircraft placard, is now available through Concorde`s worldwide network of distribution.

Concorde's Platinum Series® batteries are designed and manufactured in the U.S.A. with advanced lead acid technology. They are the choice of airframe manufacturers and end users with a history of dependable starting performance, longer battery life, and extra reserve capacity in the event of a generator failure.

Concorde Battery Corporation is committed to standards of excellence in safety,reliability and longevity that have been sustained over 40 years in business. Concorde is committed to providing the highest quality lead acid battery solution and world class customer support.

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